Sydney Horse Riding Lessons:

Our horse riding lessons in Sydney (Dural, 35 min from Sydney’s CBD) offer a variety of trained horses to suit all riders from beginner up to experienced competitor level. We offer private riding and group packages, as well as complete horse riding programs for all riders. 

Our aim at Sydney Hills Horse Riding Centre is for all riders to feel part of our team and to reach their personal goals in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.
Our specialty is that we produce competent riders with a feel for the horse who are taught through different exercises on a variety of trained horses to achieve this desired outcome. Horsemanship on all levels, whether while riding or on the ground, is always of the utmost importance in all lessons. 
Sydney Hills Horse Riding offers private lessons, shared lessons, and group lessons, but we start all beginner riders in private one on one lessons before taking part in any group lesson. 
Private lessons are available for either 30 mins or 60 mins. 
Group lessons are available for 60 mins each and this includes some horse management skills.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons cater to all ages and riders abilities. We offer private 1 hour lessons as well as half hour private lessons. 
Our lessons are conducted in a controlled, environment in our riding arenas. 
We cater for all levels of riders whether you are a first time beginner rider or an advanced competition level rider.
We conduct private lessons in basic riding skills, dressage and jumping. 

Group Lessons

Our group horse riding lessons are conducted on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday’s and Saturdays. We cater for the rider who has the necessary skills to hold the reins correctly, turn, stop and do some rising trot. Until this level is reached we ask all our clients to have private one on one lessons. 

We have group lessons that cater to the novice up to more advanced riders. Our lessons will include horse management skills and the eventual tacking up and hosing down of our horses. We encourage all our riders to be involved with the general welfare of our horses (if they choose). It is a great way to understand and get to know the horses and the care that is needed. 

Horse Management Skills

We hold separate classes for developing horse management skills. Whether that is learning to correctly fit tack to our horses or your own. We also teach being able to lunge a horse. Our coaches endeavour to provide you with a proper skills set to do this correctly and confidently.